Developed by XII Braves and operated by FunPlus, Japanese-style mobile tactical RPG Valiant Force has been released globally. The game’s dedication to delivering uncompromising quality along with high ratings submitted by gamers have allowed Valiant Force to be selected as a featured game for both Google Play and the Apple App Store! During these store features, an average of more than 100,000 new adventurers from around the world have been entering Valiant Force each day. Also, artwork from the winner of the 2016 Global Hero Design Contest has been implemented in the latest version update as the new dark disciple hero, Eliza, bringing new challenges for our players to face in battle.


The New Dark Disciple Hero Eliza, Bringing New Challenges to the Players

Design your very own hero for Valiant Force and compete for a prizepool of over $10,000 in the  2017 Valiant Force Hero Design Contest!


After collecting hero concepts from artists around the world via two global art contests, this latest version update features artwork from the 2016 Hero Design Contest’s winner supplemented with additional background art. In future updates, more contest entry artwork will be added into the world of Valiant Force and the team will continue interacting with players to release the heroes that everyone would like to see.

Eliza Kingsley, a childlike girl picked up by the Dark Lords whose youthful looks belie her immense strength. Eliza is a voracious eater with a massive appetite for food and wanton destruction. There is nothing that can come between her and her next meal.


New Multi-squad Battle Event! Test Your Squads Against the Black Dragon!

Now you can use multiple squads to challenge Valiant Force’s latest event!


Good news, adventurers of Arathos! In response to the great threat looming over the land, permission has been granted to assign an additional squad to be brought into battle. With these reinforcements, the forces of darkness won’t stand a chance!


How it works:

-Players are now able to assign up to 2 squads to be brought into battle.

-The second squad will come into battle when the first squad is completely wiped out.

-If an ally is selected, the ally will only enter the battle upon the defeat of a unit in your second squad.




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